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Catching Up With Travis Allen (’16, Football)

Jan 23, 2019, 1:30 PM EDT

Travis Allen (’16, Football)
Degree: B.B.A – Marketing
Dorm: Zahm House
Pre-Notre Dame Hometown: Lansing, Michigan
Current Hometown: Newport Beach, California
Profession: Currently working at Athletes First Sports Agency

What is your favorite memory from your time at Notre Dame (on or off the field)?
“There are definitely too many great memories to pick one favorite from, but if I had to choose it would either beating Michigan freshman year under the lights as my first game dressing or celebrating our accomplishments during senior week/graduation with all of our classmates.”

If you could redo one thing from your time as an undergraduate at Notre Dame, what would it be and why?
“I would take more advantage of student activities on campus and trying new things with new clubs or groups. College goes so fast and it’s easy to get used to the same routine and not branch out as much as you can.”

You’ve been heavily involved with the Monogram Club’s networking efforts. Where does the desire to help the next generation of Monogram winners come from?
“My desire comes from my appreciation of what the Monogram Club, and ND itself, has done for me. They’ve put me in a position to succeed many times with their support and I believe it is the Notre Dame way to repay that to the future Monogram winners. You’re able to meet and become close with some amazing people here and everyone truly wants the best for each other. I was blessed to get out of my hometown and be able to experience ND and play football, so any opportunity I get to make a difference, I don’t hesitate. Having a love for this University and the people makes it easy to help.”

travis allen-bridget casey copy

Travis Allen (’16, football) and Bridget Casey (’15, swimming) at a Monogram Club networking event.

Is there an example of how the Notre Dame network has impacted your life either professionally or personally?
“The Notre Dame network has helped me in a number of ways, especially with the role I have right now professionally. I was able to reach out to our alumni network and let them know what my interests are and they were able to connect me with the right people immediately. They also have been there to guide me and give me any support necessary in my career and personal life. During an ND event in Detroit last year, I was able to speak with a number of local grads who were willing to share their paths and give me advice on finding my own, as well as being there to talk about life and adjusting to the working world and a new city. The lifelong connections and friendships are all over the country so you never feel like you’re on an island.”

As an alum of the program, what was it like following the football team this season?
“It was a lot of fun seeing the success of the guys and watch them finish the regular season undefeated and make the College Football Playoff. Knowing how hard they’ve worked from January to December made it even more special as an alum of the program because going 12-0 is no joke and I don’t think many people understand that. The consistent focus and preparation required to accomplish that is impressive and rare. The atmosphere of the Clemson game was hype and even though no competitor wants to just get to the game, only four do and I’m proud of that. It was a fun year to follow and they’ll always have that. The seniors this season were also freshman teammates during my senior season, so I couldn’t have been happier for them and the growth and success they’ve had because they were a great group.”


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