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Monogram Club Musings – Graduation Weekend 2018

May 24, 2018, 9:12 AM EDT

Monogram Club president Terri Vitale ('94, '95, tennis) addressed the athletics graduates and their families at the Fourth Quarter Farewell.

Graduation weekend is often a time for goodbyes, but the Monogram Club wanted to remind the over 200 athletics graduates from Notre Dame’s Class of 2018 that their connection with the Fighting Irish family is just beginning.

On Saturday morning, the Monogram Club and the Notre Dame athletics department hosted the seventh annual Fourth Quarter Farewell inside South Club at Notre Dame Stadium. The event provided a chance for the athletics graduates, their families, coaches and administrators to gather before the rest of the weekend swept them away in various directions.

Bonzie Colson family

Bonzie Colson (18, basketball) with his family at the Fourth Quarter Farewell.

Monogram Club president Terri Vitale (’94, ’95, tennis) and senior deputy athletics director Missy Conboy (’82, basketball) addressed the attendees and spoke about the many ways the Monogram Club can help the graduates deepen their connection to the University. They touted the importance of staying engaged with the Club through its various programs and initiatives, which can assist members both professionally and personally.

Missy Conboy speaking

Missy Conboy (’82, basketball), Notre Dame Senior Deputy Athletics Director

“Now it’s our opportunity at the Monogram Club to help nurture your ambitions beyond Notre Dame,” said Vitale. “There are so many ways the Monogram Club can continue to do that; there are wonderful ways to help propel you to your goals. We hope you lean on the Monogram Club as a partner and as a way to continue that 40-year commitment that we have to you when you chose to come to Notre Dame.”

“This event gives us an opportunity to thank all the parents for sharing your sons and daughters with us over the last four years,” said Conboy. “It’s also a chance to thank our graduating student-athletes for taking advantage of all the opportunities that we provided to you and for representing our department and our University so very well. I also want to remind you that your Notre Dame journey has really just begun.”

Katie Uhler (’18, soccer), a recipient of the Monogram Club’s postgraduate scholarship, was the featured student-athlete speaker. She spoke about what the last four years have meant to her, and the close bonds she’s developed with her teammates as well as others within athletics and throughout campus.

Katie Uhler speaking

Katie Uhler (’18, soccer) continued the tradition of having a Monogram Club postgraduate scholarship recipient be the Fourth Quarter Farewell’s featured student-athlete speaker.

“When asked about my college experience, I often say I’ve never laughed so hard and I’ve never cried so hard,” said Uhler. “It was through overcoming injuries, losses and bad grades that we as student-athletes found victory and success on the field, court, rink and classroom. Most of us will not remember the scores from our games, matches or meets, or the grades we got on organic chemistry exams. When we think back about being student-athletes at Notre Dame, we will remember the dance parties in the locker room before a big game, late nights spent in the library, reminiscing about those traumatic workouts, practices and fitness tests and traveling around the world with our best friends to compete. What makes the Notre Dame experience truly special is not the tradition or prestige, it is the people.”

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