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Monogram Club Q&A With Charlie Trense (’19, lacrosse)

Mar 19, 2018, 4:52 PM EDT

Charlie Trense is a junior LSM/defenseman on the Notre Dame men’s lacrosse team. Trense hails from Atlanta, Georgia and he’s enrolled in the Mendoza College of Business as an applied and computational mathematics and statistics major with a minor in peace studies.

Why did you choose to play lacrosse at Notre Dame?
“There were a number of different factors. I was looking for a school with great academics. What separated Notre Dame from some of the other schools I was looking at was the big-time athletics across the board. I also played football and wrestled in high school, so knowing I could graduate from Notre Dame and still be around big-time athletics was appealing to me. Also, it’s a great campus and the religious aspect is something that was important to me and that set Notre Dame apart.”

The men’s lacrosse program connects a lot with their alumni. How has that experience been for you?
“When being recruited, Coach Corrigan said we have a strong Notre Dame lacrosse alumni network and also the broader Notre Dame network. That has been something that’s blown me away because it’s so strong. There will be alums in Atlanta who I’ve never met before who are willing to help and share their experiences at Notre Dame. When around lacrosse alums it’s fun to hear stories, especially about Coach Corrigan since he’s been here for 30 years and those guys played for him.

“It’s great to have developed relationships with the alums over the years. I was in New York over the summer and was able to play in a summer league with them. We also did a fall trip to New York where we met a lot of lacrosse alums. When talking with my friends who play at other schools, I find that our situation at Notre Dame is pretty unique when it comes to that kind of engagement with the alumni.”

What have you gained from the Monogram Career Network events that you’ve attended?
“It’s cool to be able to talk to former Notre Dame student-athletes who have been through the ups and downs of good practices, bad practices, injuries and have had that competitive drive carry over after their life at Notre Dame and into their profession. It’s nice to be able to see how some of the aspects of playing lacrosse can translate into the real world.”

MCN-Charlie Trense-lax copy

Charlie Trense with Reggie Brooks (’93, football), Notre Dame’s Director of Student-Athlete Alumni Relations & Engagement, at a Monogram Career Network luncheon in February.

You’ve made a connection with former Monogram Club president, and lacrosse alum, Kevin O’Connor ‘89. Describe how that came about.
“This summer I’ll be interning at Point72 Asset Management, which is where Kevin O’Connor works. I interviewed with Point72 in the fall for a couple of different roles and during my first interview, Kevin met with me and described the firm and explained why he’s there. He also shared some lacrosse stories. He definitely helped me out in that process and helped me get a foot in the door. He also helped connect me with people within the firm. I’m really looking forward to the internship because there are a lot of bright people in the firm. I’ll be able to learn a lot, specifically about investing, and what I like and don’t like.”

Your team is heavily involved in community outreach at schools, whether it’s in South Bend or Chicago. How has that impacted you?
“Sometimes you’re not quite sure what to expect when going to the schools, but then you get there and you realize you’re building lasting relationships and making an impact with the kids. They’re also making an impact on us, too. It’s good to realize how blessed and fortunate we are to play lacrosse and to be at Notre Dame.”

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