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Monogram Club Turns 100: Cross Country and Track & Field

Nov 22, 2016, 4:18 PM EDT

Ray Roy ('42, track & field) was president of the Monogram Club in 1949.

As part of the Monogram Club’s ongoing 100th anniversary celebration, some of the Club’s many connections to each Notre Dame program have been highlighted. This latest installment of the “Monogram Club Turns 100” series looks at how the Monogram Club and the Fighting Irish cross country and track & field programs have been connected throughout the years.

Notre Dame’s men’s track & field program gained varsity status in 1889 and the women did so in 1991. The men’s cross country team gained varsity status in 1923 and the women did so in 1986.

Cross Country and Track & Field Monogram Moments


Elmer Layden (’25, football/track & field) is one of 13 cross country/track & field Monogram winners who have served as president of the Monogram Club. Layden, one of the legendary Four Horsemen during his time on the Notre Dame football team, was the Monogram Club’s seventh president and held that post in 1924. Layden was Notre Dame’s head football coach from 1934-40.

Cross country/track & field Monogram winners who have served as Monogram Club president:
Gus Desch (’23, football/track & field) … 1920-21 (president term)
Elmer Layden (’25, football/track & field) … 1924
August Grams (’29, track/manager) … 1928
Mike Layden (’36, football/track & field) … 1935
Jack Meehan (’20, basketball/track & field) … 1936
Steve Coughlin (’40, track & field) … 1939
William Schmitt (’10, football/track & field) … 1940
Chet Wynne (’22, football/track & field) … 1945
Ray Roy (’42, track & field) … 1949
Joe Abbott (’30, track & field) … 1953
Jack Elder (’30, football/track & field) … 1954
Jim Lynch (’67, football/track & field) … 1983-84
Ray Sobota (’49, track & field) … 1991-92


Steve Coughlin (’40, track & field) was president of the Monogram Club in 1939.



Jim Lynch (’67, football/track & field) was president of the Monogram Club in 1983-84. Lynch captained Notre Dame’s 1966 national championship football team.

Other cross country/track & field Monogram winners who have served on the Monogram Club Board of Directors:
Dick Musial (’62)
George Matteo (‘78)
Tim Twardzik (’81)
Errol Williams (’98)
Kristine Richards (‘95)
Chuck Aragon (’81)
Van Pearcy (’85, ’87)
Jim Tyler (’86)
Jim Murphy (’49)
Jes Christian (’14)


Errol Williams (’98, track & field) served on the Monogram Club board from 2000-03.



Former Monogram Club board member Chuck Aragon (’81, cross country/track & field) has two daughters, Alexa (’14) and Danielle (’16), who also competed for the Fighting Irish cross country/track & field programs.



Jim Tyler (’86, cross country) was on the Monogram Club board from 2005-08.



Van Pearcy (’85, ’87, football/track & field) spent time as secretary of the Monogram Club.



Jim Murphy (’49, cross country/track & field) continues to serve the Monogram Club board in the role of director emeritus.



Jes Christian (’14, track & field) is the latest track & field Monogram winner to serve on the Club’s board of directors. She joined the board in October of 2016.



In 2014 the Monogram Club began issuing commencement stoles to graduating student-athletes and student support staff. The idea for the stoles came from track & field student-athletes, and 2014 graduates, Jes Christian (left) and Logan Renwick (right).



Dr. Bill Hurd (’69, track & field) was a world-class sprinter at Notre Dame before becoming a noted eye surgeon. He received the Monogram Club’s highest honor, the Moose Krause Distinguished Service Award, in 2002 for his work performing voluntary eye surgery to the poor in Africa, Mexico and Brazil.



The Monogram Club annually awards a $5,000 stipend to a graduating male and female student-athlete. Kelly Curran (cross country/track & field) and Ted Glasnow (track & field) (both pictured) were the 2014 recipients of the Monogram Club Postgraduate Scholarship, while Dean Odegard (track & field) received the scholarship in 2013.


Frazier Thompson

In 1945, Frazier Thompson (‘47, track & field) became the first African-American to earn a Monogram.



Longtime cross country/track & field head coach Joe Piane received an honorary Monogram in 1990.



Hunter Holton (’18, track & field) has been involved with the Monogram Career Network (MCN). MCN is a networking program that connects current Notre Dame student-athletes with Monogram winners and other supporters of the Monogram Club.



Emily Carson (’17, track & field) was the student-athlete speaker at the fall 2015 Monogram Jacket Ceremony.


Here are the most recent cross country/track & field first-time Monogram recipients at the Monogram Jacket Ceremony.




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