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Monogram Club Turns 100: Swimming & Diving

Nov 4, 2016, 4:01 PM EDT

Longtime swimming head coach Dennis Stark (’47, honorary) received the Monogram Club's highest honor, the Moose Krause Distinguished Service Award, in 2010.

As part of the Monogram Club’s ongoing 100th anniversary celebration, some of the Club’s many connections to each Notre Dame program have been highlighted. This latest installment of the “Monogram Club Turns 100” series looks at how the Monogram Club and the Fighting Irish men’s and women’s swimming and diving programs have been connected throughout the years.

Swimming & Diving’s Monogram Moments

Notre Dame’s men’s swimming & diving program was established in 1958, while the women’s team earned varsity status in 1981.

Coach Dennis Stark and Co-Captains Tom Londrigon and Dick Nagle

Dennis Stark (’47) served as head coach of the men’s program from 1958-85 and the women’s team from 1981-85. Stark was awarded an honorary Monogram in 1981.



Tim Welsh guided the men’s team from 1985-2014 and the women from 1985-95 and again in 2015-16. Welsh became an honorary member of the Monogram Club in 1996.



Haley Scott DeMaria (’95, swimming) served as president of the Monogram Club from 2013-15.




Don Casey (’82, ’83, swimming) currently is the Monogram Club Second Vice President. He will serve as Club president from 2019-21.


Don Casey’s brother Brian (’85) and daughters Katie (’11) and Bridget (’15) also swam, and were team captains, for the Fighting Irish.


Along with Haley Scott DeMaria and Don Casey, here are the other swimming & diving Monogram winners who have served on the Monogram Club Board of Directors:

Mark Wilcox (’73) – 1985-87 (director term)
Ed DiLuia (’78) – 1993-96
Heather Winiecki (’92) – 1999-2002
Daniel Rahill (’79) – 2005-08
Brian Short (’72, ’75) – 2008-11
Will McCarthy (’95, ’99) – 2013-16



During his time on the Monogram Club board from 2013-16, Will McCarthy (’95, ’99, swimming) played a key role in establishing the Monogram Career Network (MCN).


“My experience with the MCN has been incredible. I was shocked at how alumni will go so far out of their way to put me in contact with colleagues in my desired field regarding possible internships or simply someone to talk with to get advice. This involved community gives me great confidence of finding future employment and then having the opportunity to give back and do the same as an alumni. Within hours of talking to Will McCarthy (‘95, swimming), I was put in contact with two MCN members who work in finance in my hometown of Chicago who were willing to talk to me about their careers and help me find internship opportunities.”Billy Barth (’19, swimming)


Billy Barth (’19, swimming)


Swimming & diving’s latest group of first-time Monogram winners at last fall’s Monogram Jacket Ceremony.





Thanks to the Monogram Club’s team-hosting program, the Fighting Irish divers visited the Georgia Aquarium in 2015 during a competition trip to Georgia Tech.



In 2015, Emma Reaney (‘15, swimming) was the student-athlete speaker at the Monogram Club’s Fourth Quarter Farewell.



Chrissy Ciletti Steigerwald (’91, swimming), former swimming head coach Tim Welsh (honorary), former Monogram Club president Haley Scott DeMaria (’95, swimming) and Jamie DeMaria (’95, manager) at the Monogram Club pre-game reception prior to the Navy football game in 2015.


Notre Dame swimmers wore special caps during a meet that took place during the Monogram Club’s 100th anniversary celebration weekend (October 28-29, 2016).




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