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Monogram Club Turns 100: Men’s Golf

Oct 21, 2016, 4:44 PM EDT

As part of the Monogram Club’s ongoing 100th anniversary celebration, some of the Club’s many connections to each Notre Dame program have been highlighted.

This latest installment of the “Monogram Club Turns 100” series looks at how the Monogram Club and the Fighting Irish men’s golf program have been connected throughout the years.

Men’s Golf Monogram Moments

The Notre Dame men’s golf program gained varsity status in 1930.



The Notre Dame men’s golf team won the 1944 national championship.


Mike Heaton

Mike Heaton (’68, ’71) earned Monograms in both football and golf. Heaton served as Monogram Club president from 1999-2001 and was instrumental in the foundation of the Club’s Catastrophic Relief Fund, which was renamed the Heaton Fund in the fall of 2015.

Click to learn more about the Heaton Fund.

Men’s golf Monogram winners who have served on the Monogram Club Board of Directors:
Tom Matey (’53) – 1979-82
Mike Heaton (’68) – 1991-94 (director), 1995-2014 (president rotation & legal counsel)
Bud Zesinger (’60) – 1991-94
John Anthony (’86) – 1998-2001


Tom Matey (’53) (left) with Joe Moresco (’53). Matey was the first men’s golf Monogram winner to serve on the Monogram Club Board of Directors.



John Anthony (’86) served on the Monogram Club Board of Directors from 1998-2001.

The men’s golf program’s first four head coaches all are honorary Monogram recipients.


Rev. George Holderith, C.S.C. (’18, ’32) was the program’s first head coach and guided the team from 1933-61. He earned an honorary Monogram in 1953. He is pictured here with Leo Matt (’56) (left) and Paul Minnich (’54) (middle).



Rev. Clarence Durbin, C.S.C. (’41) was at the helm of the program from 1962-73 and garnered an honorary Monogram in 1984.



Noel O’Sullivan (’60) coached Notre Dame from 1974-88. He was awarded an honorary Monogram in 2008.



George Thomas was Notre Dame’s head coach from 1989-2001 and became an honorary Monogram Club member in 1999.



In 2015 the men’s golf program enjoyed a dinner and networking opportunity with Monogram winners in San Diego. The Monogram alumni included John Carney (’87, football), Brad Owen (’99, lacrosse), Rick Mirer (’93, football) and Connor Alan-Lee (’11, golf).



Wes Pritchett (’89, football) joined the Fighting Irish men’s golf program for a round of golf in Atlanta during the team’s 2016 fall break trip.



The latest group of men’s golf Monogram winners at last fall’s Monogram Jacket Ceremony.





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