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Monogram Memories From Jessica Roman (’92, Cheerleading)

Jul 11, 2016, 4:24 PM EDT

As the Monogram Club celebrates its 100th anniversary throughout 2016 the Club wants to hear from its members about their greatest Monogram memories. Tell the Club why you’re proud to be a Monogram winner and a member of the Monogram Club!


The following is from Jessica Roman (’92, cheerleading). She was a three-year member and senior captain of the Notre Dame cheerleading squad. Jessica currently serves on the Monogram Club Board of Directors. Her three-year term on the board will run from 2014-17.


Cheerleaders are a special group – we are among the most spirit-filled for our University, and the words of the fight song are written on our hearts. The smiles are big because the passion is real! I came on board as a cheerleader for Notre Dame in the spring of 1989. We made lots of awesome memories cheering our teams to victory! I still feel so honored and blessed to have had this amazing experience!

1989-90 team

1989-90 cheer team (Jessica Roman top row, second from left)

There is nothing like the thrill of a home game – cheering in front of the student section. Anytime our team got past the 20-yard line, we could count on a touchdown!

Jessica Roman-1

Jessica Roman


1990-91 – Our annual visit with Lou Holtz in his office was always such a thrill!Lou Holtz-1

Lou Holtz-2

We all so clearly remember when The Shirt started to get traction – it was a huge deal in 1991 when we all wore them to the opening pep rally!
The Shirt

Aaah – the gold monogram ND flowers. Such a classy touch! I still miss these!

We were lucky enough to cheer during a time of great success for the football team! When we were #1 in the polls, the guys would walk on their hands one by one to create a giant “1” on the field. As the last man fell into place to create the 1, four of us girls would lie down and create the # symbol – the crowd would go crazy!!

1991-92 team
We were all – and still are – such great friends!!
1991-92 team

Flying high in the sky was one of my favorite ND cheer memories. There is so much physical trust involved in cheerleading. Trusting our partners and teammates to throw us in the air and faithfully catch us laid the groundwork for some pretty great friendships! I feel especially lucky that we got to cheer in the old stadium!
Flying high-1

Flying high-2

One of the best memories is our trip to the NIT in New York City in the spring of 1992 when we were on Live! With Regis and Kathy Lee! It was pretty awesome! (Notice our original photobomber Matt in the background!

The 1992 Sugar Bowl was my last football game and a true highlight. The excitement around bowl games is always electric, and this was one of the best!
Sugar Bowl

Each leprechaun makes their own mark on the University – they bring a little something with them that becomes a tradition for years to come. The student body rallies behind the leprechaun and remembers their spirit! The leprechaun also does so much in the community and behind-the-scenes work that goes above and beyond their football responsibilities. The three leprechauns I was lucky enough to work with are etched on my heart.

Chris Ryan ’89 was the leprechaun my first year on the team. He fully embodied the spirit of his role.
Chris Ryan

Bryan Liptak ’92 was the leprechaun my second year on the team. His leprechaun experience helped him secure a summer job with Shamu in Seaworld and he has had a long wonderful career with Disney!
Bryan Liptak

Dan Wagner ’93 embodied everything about being the Notre Dame leprechaun. After he introduced Lou Holtz at a pep rally, Lou took the microphone and said, “I think that sucker’s a real leprechaun!”
Dan Wagner


Cheering for basketball games was an amazing part of our job! I loved walking through the snow on a dark weeknight evening to the JACC and feeling the electricity of the crowd. It was awesome being so close to the action on the court and so engaged with the crowd! Good times!

“We are ND” is a longstanding motto of our school. Our cheerleading coach began the tradition of us holding up the signs in each corner of the end zone. The booming WE ARE N D from every corner of the stadium became a longstanding tradition! Here we are pumping out the “We are ND” at Michigan Stadium!
We Are ND

Since graduating almost 25 years ago, the relationships our teammates have with each other are still going strong. I have organized program-wide reunions every five years since 2001, bringing together all cheer alumni.
Getting to know the cheerleaders that came before us and after us has been inspirational and deeply gratifying. We all share a common connection – a golden thread – that bonds us together.

  1. David M. Robaska - Jul 15, 2019 at 4:34 AM

    The top left group photo under

    “”””1990-91 – Our annual visit with Lou Holtz in his office was always such a thrill!””””

    In front of Lou to his left the Blonde lady was her name Laura Heart.

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