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12 Months of Monogram: November

Dec 30, 2013, 10:05 AM EDT

Senior track and field student-athlete Jes Christian and her parents at the 2013 fall letter jacket ceremony (photo by Mike Bennett).

Believe it or not, 2014 is approaching faster than the snow is falling in South Bend. The turning of the calendar is just two days away, and in celebration of a terrific 2013, we are looking back at a year’s worth of Monogram Club events, accomplishments and great Notre Dame camaraderie. After October’s look at the Lone Star State, “12 Months of Monogram” focuses on a milestone celebration for November…

In early November, the Monogram Club had the distinct honor of presenting more than 100 student-athletes and three senior football managers with letter jackets in recognition of earning their first Monogram.

As Club president Haley Scott DeMaria (’95, swimming) noted in her opening remarks, the University has been awarding Monograms since 1898, and during that time, the distribution has been handled in a variety of ways. Throughout the history of the Monogram, a Notre Dame student-athlete’s memorable milestone has often been marked by a rather unexciting visit to a familiar location.

“For most of us recipients of a Monogram and letter jacket, they were given out at the equipment room, and very often, tossed across the counter. That’s how I received mine,” DeMaria said.

“But we thought we needed to share this evening in a special way for this very special event. Of the 130,000 Notre Dame alumni living throughout the country and throughout the world, only 7,500 have been endowed with the Notre Dame Monogram.”

Considering that number represents less than 6% of the total alumni population, it is safe to say that earning a Monogram is no small feat and certainly an achievement worthy of being celebrated.

Keynote speaker Scott Paddock (’90, basketball), a former Monogram Club board member who is currently president of the Chicagoland Speedway, reflected on his own time at Notre Dame, and how much it impacted the person he is today.

“The experience you will receive via your journey here at Notre Dame, the education you are receiving athletically, academically, culturally, spiritually and philosophically, will serve to shape and define the fabric of who you are and further enhance the foundation that supports you.”

For more from this fall’s letter jacket ceremony, check out the full story here and watch the video below.

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