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12 Months of Monogram: September

Dec 28, 2013, 9:34 AM EDT

Monogram Club board member Byron Spruell ('87, '89, football) and women's basketball senior student-athlete Kayla McBride.

Believe it or not, 2014 is approaching faster than the snow is falling in South Bend. The turning of the calendar is just a few days away, and in celebration of a terrific 2013, we are looking back at a year’s worth of Monogram Club events, accomplishments and great Notre Dame camaraderie. After August’s look at the lives of our young alumni members, “12 Months of Monogram” focuses on bridging the gap between legend and legacy in September…

In conjunction with the Oklahoma home football weekend, the Monogram Club held its fall board meeting in the Monogram Room. Once again, the Club partnered with the Student Welfare & Development office for a special luncheon with the Board of Directors, the Student-Athlete Advisory Council and student-athletes from Notre Dame’s Rosenthal Leadership Academy.

The luncheon provides a unique opportunity for student-athletes to network with some of the Club’s most active Monogram winners in an informal setting.

Executive Director Beth Hunter and Senior Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Development and Community Programming Mike Harrity led off the event with some opening remarks, before handing the mic to Stephanie Mola (’09, softball), who recently began working as the Student-Athlete Career Program Director, in conjunction with the Career Center and SW&D office.

At the end of the afternoon, the student-athletes weren’t the only ones who had come away with much more than a full stomach and a few business cards. When the meeting resumed, numerous board members commented on what an impactful and enjoyable experience getting together with SAAC members has become for them as well.

Whether it’s building personal and professional relationships through events such as the SAAC lunch, or the simple act of the occasional congratulatory tweet for their accomplishments, there is perhaps no more powerful way for Monogram winners to have a positive impact on the University, to fulfill the Club’s mission, and to “bridge the gap between legend and legacy” than by taking an interest in the lives of Notre Dame’s current student-athletes.

For more from the SAAC Lunch, check out the full blog post here and watch the video below.

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