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King of His Court

Jul 24, 2013, 10:07 AM EDT

On Tuesday, former Monogram Club president Marc Kelly (’82, basketball) was the subject of a great feature in the Los Angeles Daily Journal. Kelly, a Superior Court Judge in Orange County, Calif., served as Club president from 2007-09 and is now a member of the past presidents council.

Like thousands of other Monogram Club members and Notre Dame alumni, Kelly proudly displays his love for the university, and he has carried his passion for the Fighting Irish from the basketball court to the courtroom.

Seated in a high-backed chair emblazoned with the iconic green and gold of Notre Dame, Kelly makes no secrets about his support of his undergraduate alma mater. A former president and current board member of the school’s Monogram Club – an alumni group made up of former Notre Dame varsity athletes – the judge has deep ties to the athletic department from his time playing basketball at the school.

As Tustin defense attorney Joel M. Garson put it, Kelly’s “whole being is Notre Dame.”

His passion for sports doesn’t stop with Notre Dame, however. While the walls of his courtroom feature a Fighting Irish flag and a signed photo of iconic Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz, there’s also an homage to the Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field and a signed copy of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden’s famous Pyramid of Success.

And that display is just the tip of the iceberg. Walking into the judge’s chambers feels like entering a Sports Illustrated fantasyland.

Click here to read the rest of the King of His Court article written by Daily Journal staff writer Henry Meier.

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