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Jun 25, 2013, 10:51 AM EDT

Mike Sullivan ('09, manager) and Terri Vitale ('94 & '95, tennis) represented the Monogram Club at this year's NLWA Conference.

In a world of acronyms, NLWA was a new one to which I was introduced when I joined the Monogram Club Board. NLWA: The National Letterwinners Association. (Yes, even though spell check is telling me that “Letterwinners” is not one word, and even though it’s the NLWA – not the NLA, Letterwinners is one word.)

Of course, we aren’t “letter winners,” we are Monogram winners. Funny how I don’t capitalize “letter,” but I always capitalize Monogram. I’ll have to think about that…

But the NLWA is an association of our peers: other former varsity athletes representing their university in whatever form their group takes shape: many are booster clubs, some are development-based, many have very little association with their athletics department. One thing is clear: the Notre Dame Monogram Club is as different in composition and structure as we are in name.


Mike speaking at this year’s conference.

Of course, with all other Associations, there is an annual conference, held this year (and this past weekend) at the University of Mississippi: Ole Miss. At this conference, in addition to touring the campus and witnessing first hand the amazing facilities across the country, we share ideas both formally and informally. Each host institution spends months preparing for this conference, to ensure the environment – both inside the meeting space and socially – are conducive to the camaraderie that many feel within their own letterwinners group and among the NLWA members.

This past weekend, the Notre Dame Monogram Club was represented by our 2nd vice-president, Terri Vitale (’94 & ’95, tennis), and our Membership Coordinator, Mike Sullivan (’09, manager). As usual, our Club was asked to present, and Mike gave a fabulous presentation on his work with the Membership Committee.

It is no surprise that the Monogram Club is held in fairly high regard by members of the NLWA. We are fortunate to have a staff of five housed within the athletics department, we are fortunate to have the resources that allow us to utilize a board of directors with a wealth of expertise, and we are most fortunate to have one of the most active memberships in the nation. That’s you: thank you!

  1. mallen1958 - Jun 26, 2013 at 10:15 AM

    Mike and Terri were excellent Notre Dame Monogram Club ambassadors at the NLWA meeting

    Marty Allen

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